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Experiment #12 The Elevator Pitch

So I'm taking an elevator up to the top of a building
All of a sudden someone calls for it halfway and it stops
The doors open
And who walks in?!?
Stan Lee!!!
Don't poop your pants, Adiel
Do. Not. Poop.
"Hello, True Believer", he says
I poop a little.
"Mr. Lee, I'm a huge fan and I happen to write a little as well"
"Is that so?", he says unenthusiastically looking at his watch
Crap, he's getting off in a few floors
I don't have much time
Time for an elevator pitch

"So, it's called the Assassin and the Shadow. It takes place on U.S. soil, 20 years after an economic collapse. The country is overrun by gangs fighting over remaining resources. There's this Ninja Assassin and she's only 23 so she doesn't remember her name or her past. She's the deadliest most-feared silent killer, and she works alone killing all the gangs and taking the resources for her own. She accidentally saves this black shadow animal (most animals are extinct at this point so she has no idea it is actually a cat). The cat tries to follow her but she refuses but then the cat ends up saving the Assassin and they decide to team up against the gangs and thanks to the cat she slowly begins to uncover her past memories and *huff* *huff* *huff*...

The elevator stops at Stan Lee's destination
"That's a good one, True Believer, but we're not looking for anything like that at the moment"
"Besides we already have The Black Cat, Felicia Hardy"
"But, sir" I say as he's walking out,
"My Creative Writing teacher, Professor Bradford, gave me an A on my narrative for it"
"Wait, did you say Professor Bradford?", Stan Lee asks
"Professor Wade Bradford?"
"Yes, Mr. Lee"
"Why... why Wade Bradford is the smartest most creative man alive!", Stan Lee says with enthusiasm
He thinks about it for a second
"Well if it's good enough for Wade Bradford, it's good enough for me! Welcome to team Marvel, son"
I clench my butthole with all my might to prevent an all out poop fest
We join together in song

"You'll belong, you'll belong, you'll belong, you'll belong to the Merry Marvel Marching Society"

"March along, march along, march along to the song of the Merry Marvel Marching Society" ...


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