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Experiment #9


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I think I know what to do

I have to prioritize
And to think they want me to be General Manager
Not gonna happen
I'm gonna quit this management job
I have to
I'll do summer school
I'll get a job as a bank teller when the fall comes
That's a little more in line with my economics major anyway
Less hours, sundays and holidays off
No more 24 hour-a-day Motel 6 schedule
I can do it
I have a plan now
A way out
Light at the end of the tunnel

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Souls (Experiment #1)

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Souls
        It was Sunday when my friends called me up. Perfect weather, perfect day. Didn't matter to me, depression has no preference in climate. It sounded like they had already been drinking. Almost noon, good start. They've been trying to get me out of the house for months now, and today seemed like the day to battle my demons. Golf they said, how predictable. Not much of a sports guy, or a people person, but whatever let's golf. 
        They pull up in Roger's '99 Porsche Carrera. I thought he had sold that piece of junk. George gets out of the passenger seat and folds it down for me to get in. "How's it going, cocksucker?", he says, douchey as usual. I don't respond. I get in to find Roger's girl in the backseat, Rachel Feinstein. My heart starts pounding as I slide in next to her. My knee touches hers and I quickly jerk it away. She simply cracks a smile and says, "Hi". I die. I simply can't fa…

The Assassin and the Shadow Part I

The Assassin and the Shadow Part I         It's been twenty years since the economic collapse. A promise of an economy for everyone. A promise of equal opportunity. They continued to raise taxes. They continued to spend. A Federal Reserve that printed money like it was the daily newspaper. All gone. Eventually the economy couldn't take it anymore, and faced its inevitable collapse. The mighty U.S. Empire, destroyed from within. They said the Russians would invade. They said the Chinese would take over. Why would they? They just wanted to see us burn to the ground. The whole world just wanted us left for dead. Who could blame them?         Eventually most people killed each other over remaining resources. Surrounding nations built walls to keep us out. As our resources ran scarce, so did the lives of many. The only ones who could survive were the gangs that formed. They control the empty streets now, making it almost impossible for one to survive alone. As many gangs as there …