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Experiment #9


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I think I know what to do

I have to prioritize
And to think they want me to be General Manager
Not gonna happen
I'm gonna quit this management job
I have to
I'll do summer school
I'll get a job as a bank teller when the fall comes
That's a little more in line with my economics major anyway
Less hours, sundays and holidays off
No more 24 hour-a-day Motel 6 schedule
I can do it
I have a plan now
A way out
Light at the end of the tunnel

Experiment #12 The Elevator Pitch

So I'm taking an elevator up to the top of a building
All of a sudden someone calls for it halfway and it stops
The doors open
And who walks in?!?
Stan Lee!!!
Don't poop your pants, Adiel
Do. Not. Poop.
"Hello, True Believer", he says
I poop a little.
"Mr. Lee, I'm a huge fan and I happen to write a little as well"
"Is that so?", he says unenthusiastically looking at his watch
Crap, he's getting off in a few floors
I don't have much time
Time for an elevator pitch

"So, it's called the Assassin and the Shadow. It takes place on U.S. soil, 20 years after an economic collapse. The country is overrun by gangs fighting over remaining resources. There's this Ninja Assassin and she's only 23 so she doesn't remember her name or her past. She's the deadliest most-feared silent killer, and she works alone killing all the gangs and taking the resources for her own. She accidentally saves this black shadow animal (most ani…

The Assassin and the Shadow Part II

The Assassin and the Shadow Part II         The streets to the docks are slightly lit by the coming of dawn, with still enough shadow for Katherine and Kat to travel in comfort. The Eastside; Hyena territory. Not much to worry about, Hyenas are nothing but a bunch of loud drunken idiots, posing almost no threat. The only weapons they wield are their finished wine bottles. Katherine and Kat tread lightly in the dark surrounded by drunken laughs and fist fights. Katherine whispers, “Don't worry, Kat, they can't hear anything over their own rambunctiousness. Sorry excuses for human beings, how they continue to survive is beyond me. The city Jesters; perhaps they're just too entertaining for the wolves to kill off.” Kat appears unamused but stares at her new friend with glowing eyes, as if being spoken to by an angel. Katherine's endearing smile beams through her face mask. They begin to walk closer to the fighting tournament being held in the middle of the street. Bottle…